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Essay Planning in practice
The PhD journey is one of the most important journey's you will ever embark on. I can assist you from the initial stage of choosing a topic to the final stage of preparing for your Viva.
My PhD is available for you to see, as are peer-reviewed articles based on my PhD.​

There are only a few factors to consider when deciding if you want to work with me, but they are all very important:

    Do I cover the area relevant to your PhD?
I cover a range of topics, including: 

As a researcher, there isn't much I can't cover.

      Can we work together?    

As a trainee counsellor who understands the stress involved in a PhD, my aim is to be approachable and accommodating. A PhD is at least 3 years, so it is important that you are confident we can work together. 

      Am I a qualified academic writer?   

Please see my C.V. for details of my qualifications and experience.  

      Can you read examples of my work or essay plans? 

Examples of my academic work and the many articles I have published in magazines all over the world are available.

       More importantly, can you see my PhD?

My PhD is available for you to read, as are peer-reviewed articles based on my PhD. 

      Are my services affordable?

PhD assistance isn't cheap. Afterall, a PhD is a large project that can positively influence your future decisions. However, I do offer my services at 25% less than the larger UK companies, such as All Answers and Oxbridge Essays.​

     Why choose my services? 

Most companies do not give you free unmonitored access to your writer. With me, you work with no one but me, which gives you control and confidence over your work. I give you exactly what you need to achieve your goals including essay plans.

PhD Assistance from Start to Finish
Dr Nicola Davies
       Choosing someone to work with you on your PhD is a massive commitment and one that you should not undertake until you are 100% confident you have the right person.  

         The only real way to establish this is through communication, so please email or call for a chat and let's see if together we can get you the Doctor title.
Plan a head and achieve more
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PhD Assistance and Essay Plans